Q & A With The Founders



1. Why is it called The Hi/Low Project

Amy: We all know that everyone can feel good in a high end look,  that being said, low end cost feels far better on the bank account.  I believe that all women can look chic and pulled together without breaking the bank.

In addition, having lived with Type 1 Diabetes for the past 20 years, Highs and Lows have become my life and a huge part of my everyday vocabulary.  While the highs and lows of diabetes has been the reality of my journey, i believe that all women experience highs and lows in their own ways and through The Hi/Low project I hope to create a supportive community where we can share in this together. 

Sidra: When Amy and I got together and started brainstorming this project we had so many ideas that we wanted to incorporate. Starting with our love for fashion (high and low!) and combining it with different aspects of our personal lives. Everything always came back to the idea of on any given day, everyone goes through their own version of high versus low. Could be thoughts, feelings, emotions, financial situations, good or bad parenting days,love and hate body image days and so on. And of course, we wanted to really incorporate the idea of bringing awareness to Type 1 Diabetes. And thus The Hi/Low Project was born.

2. What does Hi/Low mean to you?

Amy: My entire journey through life thus far has been a process of finding my balance.  Highs and Lows come with the territory of my Type 1 Diabetes and it has only been through the acceptance and appreciation of my highs and lows that I have been able to come closer to my true healthy and happy balance.  Its a process.

Sidra: Originally, part of the idea for the name came from finding the balance between high and low fashion. Being in the retail business for almost 15 years, I have learned alot and one of the main things, is that my customer base is not high fashion! But that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice style. It’s just the way of life. So I am always searching for cute and fashionable items to suit the needs of my customers, at reasonable, lower prices. But in my own personal life, I can go through a range of highs and lows on any given day. A tough day with one of my kids, continuing on my quest for self love and acceptance, having a good or bad day in business. My highs and lows are honest, and while some of them differ from Amy’s or differ from the girl next door, those are my stories. That’s why everyone has their own version of their hi/low story to tell.

3. How do you guys know each other?

Amy: Funny story actually. I always knew of Sidra and we shared common friends. But our friendship really only began after I purchased her house on a whim. As i told everyone all those years ago, Sidra is by far the best person to buy a house from. She left it spotless with fresh flowers in the kitchen, and bubbles for my kids.  I knew then and there that she was a keeper!

Sidra:  About 10 years ago I was trying to sell my house privately and a mutual friend introduced us at a group dinner. Turns out Amy was looking to buy and we basically met over house negotiations. Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves on a constant group chat (with our other bestie!) and just seeing eye to eye about alot of things, including our love for fashion! We’ve travelled together, partied together, cried together and have had some interesting adventures. Always looking forward to the next one!

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4. What are some other things we can expect from The Hi/Low Project?

Amy: Well the opportunities are endless. One guarantee is amazing fashion curated by the two of us and brought to you at realistic price points. In addition, Type 1 Diabetes awareness will be a priority of mine. A portion of the proceeds of our sales will go towards Diabetes research and education through our partnership with JDRF.

Sidra: I think we want The Hi/Low Project to be a forum for real honest living. Not only to sell our fashion line but to say hey, don’t believe everything you see on social media. Maybe I look pretty today but I had a hell of a morning with my kids and it took all of me to put on some mascara and head out the door. Or hey, my life doesn’t exist through a string of travel plans and shopping excursions, I work hard every day and my moments at home with my family are what’s right for me. I feel great today, I worked out and had 3 shakes and a bulletproof or no, today was shit and I had a muffin and a pizza instead of a salad. But tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow could be worse, or it could be better. But let’s highlight our highs AND our lows. We will tell more stories, sell more clothes and of course, bring more awareness to Type 1.

5. What are your fashion inspirations?

Amy: My biggest fashion inspos are definitely Morgan Stewart and my "best friend" Kourtney Kardashian but my real life doesn't always allow for their OOTDs. I love the simplistic styles from Aritzia and classic looks from high fashion lines like Chanel. I like the pretty pieces from Reformation but my go to is a really good pair of denim and a white Tee. I'll spare no expense for that good pair of jeans.  I love and am inspired by any real woman that can feel good and confident in her outfit. 

Sidra:  I’m a little bit all of over the map. I really love a rocker chic look but with a softer feel because I can always go for a floral or a ruffle. I like to mix it up. I’m not afraid of color. I love Reformation, but I also love the classic look of All Saints. I love the styles from Givenchy but also Miu Miu and Chloe. But really if I had my way, it would be California style all year long, unfortunately my life doesn't allow for those looks either!

6. Mind Body Spirit. Where does that take you?

Amy: My goal in life has always been to find my balance. I never want to live in extremes as that has proven to not serve me well. I strive to find a mind/body balance at all times. This is why i never set a goal weight or go on diets. I feel best when I'm consistent and in a sustainable place with my diabetes, my mental health, and physically.    

Sidra: I think as I get older, this becomes more of an important journey for me. I really try to keep a decent balance between staying healthy and living life. I’m not the cleanest eater, but I’m definitely not the worst. I like to indulge like most other humans! I have learned a lot over the last couple years, especially with practicing yoga, learning more about mental health really trying to tune out the buzz and look inwards. It's really hard and I am definitely a work in progress. But I think as we tell more stories, and share more honestly, we can get there.

7. I Am Greater Than My Highs And Lows.


Amy: I believe in the quote so strongly that i had it tattooed on my arm. It represents all that I stand for. Type 1 Diabetes doesn't give breaks, not even for a second. I had to figure out a way to coexist with it, embrace it, but still not let it overpower me. There have been times where Diabetes took control, however, I constantly remind myself that I am stronger and through my knowledge and education of this disease I have become greater.

Sidra: It's interesting how this quote can apply to so many areas of life. Of course, through Amy and learning about her daily experiences with Type 1, the quote has become familiar amongst our inner circle. I think we look to it to remind ourselves that we are human and we can rise above what we consider to be our lowest low, our highest high and everything else in between. 


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