There's no secret that when you hit a certain age, you find it hard to remain relevant with what's going on in the Fashion and Social world today. Thankfully, as we all know, everything old is new again, which really makes Closet Edits quite difficult because you never know what's going to pop back in style again in a year or two from now. So here's my Spring Roundup of some of my faves that I'd give a whirl today!

1. Monica & Rachel Do Denim

I was recently talking with another mother who's teenage daughter was watching Friends for the first time and "didn't get it". I mean. It's All that to say, throughout the years, these girls got their fashion game on strong but they had some classic looks in the earlier days. A quick internet search will reveal that Rachel and a strong affliction for cutoff denim shirts in season one, and I couldn't agree more, I'd proudly wear that vest today. Monica rocked those mom jeans hard and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair of those right now!

2. The Girls from 90210

Were you a Brenda or a Kelly? (Sorry Donna and Ahhndrea, your looks didn't do it for me). Ah, Kelly Taylor, everyone's favourite girl next door type. Sign me up for that white shorts romper and belt combo ASAP. And Brenda, a bit of a fish out of water in her new Cali home, always stuck to her Mid-western roots with a basic top and high rise jeans, sometimes a blazer. I'm all about the crop tie top since last summer, so I'll take a simple black one please! Do you remember Toni Marchette, arguably the prettiest of all the 90210 babes to grace the zip code?  This simple white wedding dress from that unforgettable episode had us die hards drooling. Still love the classic cut of this stunning dress.

3. Because She Put the Pretty IN Woman

pretty-woman-black dress-blushandvyne.jpg

Dear 1990, I have a wedding this summer and I'd like to wear this dress. I mean come on, this LBD is anything but basic with the ruffle bottom and deep V... I actually need this dress!! And oh Vivian, when you took off your working girl clothes and went to work on your wardrobe, you killed it (you know the scene, Big Mistake, Huge!)  Seriously ladies, sit down and go back in time to revisit some of her looks. They are epic. And so very relevant.

4. Rayanne from My-So-Called-Life


Some of you might be wondering who Is Rayanne and wtf is My So Called Life? Well, if you were around the age of 15 in 1994, you would know that this gem of a one season TV-series was not only a kickstart to Claire Dane's career but was also one of the best teen angst dramas of all time (with a super cute boy to crush on as well!). But her bestie Rayanne  (pictured, right) was all that and a weekend pass to Coachella. If she only knew!

5. Baby's Jean Shorts

Once upon a time not only did you dream of falling in love with the bad boy and having your own Mickey and Sylvia moment, but you also dreamt of waking up and looking like Baby in a body suit and cutoffs.  While my young body was not one to don a bodysuit (and still isn't!) nor would it have been appropriate, I did make sure to own a pair of Keds, just like Baby's. Since you are wondering, no, I did not have my Mickey and Sylvia moment but I AM on a hot pursuit for those Bermuda jean shorts.

6. Carrie Bradshaw for LIFE


For the rest of time will there ever be a fashion montage that doesn't include SJP? Ask the Internet or Pinterest or anyone of a certain age and a long list of fabulous looks can be compiled in minutes straight out of NYC, of Carrie and the girls. It's hard to choose but this one is just so  simple and so stunning. It has all the glam of an evening look yet she's probably going for lunch. The white dress, the shoes, the necklace with the coloured stones (SO hot right now!) She was not afraid to put it all together. Let's remember to pull out all the stops next time. Because, YOLO.

7. Heathers, The Original Mean Girls


K so this is one of my favourites. If you are too young to have her heard of it, look it up and go see it ASAP (bonus: Christian Slater is also in it). These girls, the Heathers and Veronica played the blazer game really well and let me tell you, blazers are having a moment right now.  Between the blazers and neck brooches, they had all the elements of an 80s fashion fest and I'm pretty sure you can find one or two of these exact items on the Zara website right now. But if you know...don't forget about the scrunchie. Lick it up baby, lick it up. (Since writing this blurb I discovered that the writer of this movie is brothers with the director of Mean Girls, who knew?!).

8. "Stealing" Allll of Winona's Looks

Speaking of Winona. Don't tell me you didn't want to pixie cut the crap out of your hair and lie on your couch smoking cigarettes in Lainie's gas station scam outfit? That basic red tank, perfect sunnies and red lipped look was everything then and still is now. A muscle tank and jeans is a go to look for me all the time. Troy thought Lainie looked like a Doiley in this perfect crochet/pleated dress but she was way ahead of her time in this one. Thank you music festivals for bringing Crochet back.

9. Denise Rocked her Worldly Looks


Denise was definitely my favourite Huxtable. With her laissez faire attitude and slew of worldly inspired ensembles, she always kept things interesting and not-so-obvious 80s. She also rocked a jumpsuit (yep it's pink!) and paired it with this ruffle over top. I love a good jumpsuit for any season and I'm almost sure you can buy this outfit right now at the Mall. Go check it out!

10. Betty Draper if Looks Could Kill


Betty Draper had a 1960's wardrobe that was to die for but this simple, polished summer look is so perfect, I'd throw on a pair of slingbacks and wear it to lunch. Her colour palette here is so Spring 2018. I'm gaga for pink right now so throw any of it my way and I'll take it, from any fashion era!