While summer brings us beach waves and festival style I can't help but put my boho envy behind me and open my closet to embrace the welcome of leather, suede, studs and rock star sparkle.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the whole crop top, short shorts look but I can't actually wear it.  Give me a pair of leathers, a tank and boots and I'm ready. I'm more of a one band show kind of gal anyway.

This fall is a great opportunity to explore your inner rock star. The materials are luscious, the styles are relate-able and the accessories are fabulous.

Anything goes when you're a rock star. Mix it up. Put on an old tank and a new blazer. Wear your favorite worked in boots with shiny leather leggings. Throw on a vest and a stack of bracelets. You can't go wrong. It's comfortably cool. That's my style and I'm sticking to it.